One of the best things about living in any city in Texas is the availability of prepaid electricity. It is very easy to apply for this connection, and you do not require any documentation to get a prepaid, smart meter installed at your apartment. With absolutely no credit checks required, this kind of facility provides you with the option of pay as you go electricity. If you have moved to any place in Texas, you can get electricity at your apartment within a day. Same day activation is one of the best features of electricity that is prepaid.

If you have a bad credit history, if you are unemployed, if you have very little cash left, you can still apply for this facility of electricity when in Texas. If you have taken an apartment on lease, temporarily, you can still get this facility of prepaid electricity on the very same day you apply. Texans have been very happy about this facility when the government decided to deregulate electricity. This lets all the private companies provide electricity to residents of Texas and design individual packages for electricity.

You can pay the bills online and also get the updates of daily usage of electricity in your mobile phones or email.

You pay for only the electricity that you use. If you are going on a vacation, you can shut down the electric meter and disconnect the facility temporarily and get it reactivated later, whenever you want it. Prepaid Electricity in Texas makes your life easy and getting this facility is only a matter of convenience.