If you live in a condo in any of the cities in Texas, then you can take the affordable facility of prepaid electricity. No credit checks are required to get electricity that is prepaid at your condos. With the same day activation facility, you can easily get an electric meter installed at your condo the same day you move in. If you are worried about the steep bills, then fret not. With this kind of electricity facility, you do not have to worry about getting additional charges in your bill.

With our pay as you go electricity facility, you can choose the date when you want to pay the bill and also the limit up to which you want to use prepaid electricity. If you see that the usage has exceeded your limit of payment, then you can get it deactivated and reactivate it when you are able to pay the amount. No hidden charges are levied or added to this bill. All the updates will be mailed to your email address or mobile phone, and you can easily analyze the bill yourself.

When you apply for this facility, you can simply choose a service provider of electricity in Texas, and fill the online application form. The professionals from the respective companies will visit your condo and activate the electric connection the very same day. Moving to Texas has the biggest advantage of getting the electric power installed the same day you move in provided you fall in our service areas, which is growing every day. Most of the power retailers have different packages; and you can choose the package that suits your needs.