After the Texas state government had deregulated electricity in the year 2002, many private companies have come up to provide prepaid electricity in all of Texas. Since then, most of the residents in the Texan homes have adopted the pay as you go electricity. With no credit checks required, this facility is available to all the residents of Texas. Whether you have immigrated to Texas recently, or have been living there since long, you can avail this facility and will get the same day activation when you apply.

You can recharge this facility as and when you need. You can choose the amount of recharge and pay only for what you use. The payment options are flexible and also the bill is authentic. The electricity bill, when you use this facility, does not have any hidden charges like your traditional electricity bill. Just like you recharge your mobile and can use it till the last penny, the same rule applies to the electricity that is prepaid.

Your homes will be lit from the very day you start living. Whether you live in an independent home or a rented home, you can get this smart meter installed the same day you apply. You can also apply online for this facility and the professionals from the retail electricity company will visit your home and install the meter. You can also ask for a standard meter instead of a smart meter. This facility has made many residents happy as they find their day to day activities manageable.