Prepaid Electricity providers are obsessed with the ‘Pay as you go’ approach. It implies that now the consumer must not pay for the whole month even if he has not used the utility for half of the month as in the case of postpaid electric connections. Here, the consumers will only pay for the services that they have opted for. They will be charged exactly for the number of days for which that had used their connection as well as the total units consumed. The charges for the per KiloWatt unit are exceptionally low. If you face any sort of difficulties while using the Prepaid Electricity; you may call upon the service staff or the technician that could troubleshoot the persisting issue to let you enjoy the uninterrupted services. However, by providing continuous services; we never let our customer down in any terms. In addition, round the clock assistance is being provided to the consumers. Prepaid electricity works on ‘Pay as you go electricity concept, and no breakdown of services ever takes place. Current usage and other notifications are received regularly on the registered mobile number. The success of the Postpaid Electricity utility can be estimated from the fact that since the introduction of Electricity Deregulation in Texas, a large number of postpaid electricity users have switched to the prepaid utility and low rates per unit might be responsible for the switch.